Progress on the House that God and Love are building

12 Jul

It has been a slow month with a lot of waiting for this and that, but the environmental department inspection has been completed and the inspector passed it as is.  Everybody that has been involved in building in Mecklenburg County (two general contractors plus several other folks with construction experience) said that septic systems are rated by how many bedrooms are in the house, and since we are adding a bedroom we’d probably have to hook up to the city septic system.  It would have cost about $7,000.  Long story short, he passed it as is!!  That was a real answer to prayer.  I also had a friend who is giving me a bathroom vanity and sink!  Things continue to come together.  Demolition will begin Saturday the 20th with some men from my church, Pitts Baptist, coming over after their prayer breakfast.  We have to take down the ceiling and walls, plus remove the cabinets that are current in there (some of which I will be using but on a different wall).  If you know of anyone that can use garage/workshop cabinets, please let me know before the 20th.